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admin_password REQUIRED (Required unless a snapshot_identifier is provided) Password for the master DB user db_name REQUIRED Database name db_port “3306” Database port delimiter ”-” Delimiter to be used between name, namespace, stage and attributes engine “aurora” The name of the database engine to be used for this DB cluster. Valid values: aurora, aurora-postgresql engine_version ”” he version number of the database engine to use instance_type “db.t2.small” Instance type to use maintenance_window “wed:03:00-wed:04:00” Weekly time range during which system maintenance can occur, in UTC name REQUIRED Name of the application namespace REQUIRED Namespace (e.g. cp or cloudposse) retention_period “5” Number of days to retain backups for admin_user “admin” (Required unless a snapshot_identifier is provided) Username for the master DB user security_groups REQUIRED List of security groups to be allowed to connect to the DB instance snapshot_identifier ”” Specifies whether or not to create this cluster from a snapshot stage REQUIRED Stage (e.g. prod, dev, staging) subnets REQUIRED List of VPC subnet IDs tags {} Additional tags (e.g. map(BusinessUnit,XYZ) vpc_id REQUIRED VPC ID to create the cluster in (e.g. vpc-a22222ee) zone_id REQUIRED Route53 parent zone ID. The module will create sub-domain DNS records in the parent zone for the DB master and replicas allowed_cidr_blocks [] List of CIDR blocks allowed to access attributes [] Additional attributes (e.g. policy or role) availability_zones REQUIRED List of Availability Zones that instances in the DB cluster can be created in backup_window “07:00-09:00” Daily time range during which the backups happen cluster_family “aurora5.6” The family of the DB cluster parameter group cluster_parameters [] List of DB parameters to apply cluster_size “2” Number of DB instances to create in the cluster

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