Welcome to the SweetOps Community!

SweetOps is a collaborative DevOps community. We welcome engineers from around the world of all skill levels, backgrounds, and experience to join us! This is the best place to talk shop, ask questions, solicit feedback, and work together as a community to build sweet infrastructure. We have a vibrant slack community, extensive documentation and over 300 open source projects related to DevOps, Terraform and Kubernetes. Check us out!

Slack Community

Who is it for?

This is a place to ask questions related to DevOps and get answers from our community of experts.

What can they find here?

This forum provides answers to commonly asked questions. Most questions will be related to the enormous number of projects we support on our GitHub.

Why should they come here?

We love slack, however, a lot gets lost in the chatter. This is a place where we can have organized discussions around specific issues and technologies that we use to achieve totally sweet ops.

Where can they read more (links, resources, etc)?